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До 60-ти наименований спецтехники,
грузовиков, автобусов и оборудования.
Экономичность и надежность на любых дорогах
и на все сезоны года.
Спецтехника из Китая
Большой выбор техники разных модификации
и технических характеристик.
Российская Спецтехника
Имеется большой ассортимент спецтехники,
гарантия и обслуживание.
Большой каталог оборудования
от ведущих производителей Китая.
Лучшие предложения и цены.
минимальные сроки поставки.
Доставка в регионы
Развитая сервисная и
логистическая сеть.
башенный кран




30. 11. 2009
Company LLP "Samgat Brothers" thanks everyone for visiting the exhibition KOIGE 2009.
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Every product of Samgat Brothers is covered with official 1 year warranty or 50000km (2000 m/h).

Service maintenance is provided by our highly trained team of specialists in Almaty and other regional service centers.
Spare parts
For each type of product that you purchased, we have all the major parts in stock.
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"Samgat Brothers" is an official distributor of 10 biggest chinese manufacturers of construction,mining,warehouse machineries, heavy and light trucks, buses, equipments for mining and oil-gas industries. The brands that we present are already well known for its quality worldwide. Today, we are the one of the biggest supplier in Kazakhstan.

As an official distributor we took full responsibility for every product that is sold. Every product we sold to you comes with an official warranty and 24 hours 7 day a week service.

For those clients who want to purchase our product through financing, we will be happy to get the best financing that we can. Our goal is to be the best company in Kazakhstan and to set an example in the world with all of its services.

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